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How does a SPRL?

A SPRL is directed by one or more manager (s), natural or legal persons who - either separately or as a college - can bind the corporation. The manager may be appointed for a fixed or indefinite period by the General Assembly (GA) period. It can also be appointed by the statutes and then enjoy some protection. Its mandate is irrevocable principle, which allows to carry out the continuity of the company (family).
The manager runs the company and commitment, except recognized third special powers. It is possible to provide limitations on its jurisdiction, but they are not enforceable against third parties, even if they are published at the same time as the decision of his appointment in the annex to the Belgian. The manager does not have to be associated.
The General Assembly (GA) met all partners annually and decides in principle to a simple majority on the appointment, resignation, compensation and discharge of the manager. It approves the annual accounts and the distribution of profits. It can make the change of status, but in this case a special majority is still needed. Each share entitles to one vote in the A. G.
A record shall be drawn up any general assemble, even if one person only SPRL.
In principle, each member has access to the books of the Company and may exercise control. If a commissioner is appointed, which is mandatory in large companies, it must be an auditor.

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