The team

Nathalie BERLEUR

Intermediary transfer company

Director of Cofim, Nathalie is a qualified real estate expert and I.P.I. certified under n° 511.439, she also holds a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Real Estate from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Belgian Academic Member Programme of the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) and the EPF (European Property Federation).

Nathalie was Zone Officer Business-Development & Planning for B-Post Real Estate, (Commercial Property, Logistics, Industrial, Retail, Office, Facility & Asset Management).

Nathalie has extensive experience in professional real estate and optimisation of real estate portfolios.

She is also specialised in land valuation, real estate development and land use planning for the equestrian and agricultural sectors.

In addition, she represents Cofim for the Real Estate & Business Division for the equestrian sector.

Jean-Yves CORRIN

Intermediary transfer company

A director and founding member of Cofim, Jean-Yves is an I.P.I-accredited property valuer (no. 100.847) and is responsible for managing and coordinating the firm's internal and external members.

Jean-Yves specialises in the medical sector and in SME sales and transfers.

He has been involved in Asset & Share Deals for over 30 years, and has been behind more than a thousand different closings.

Jean-Yves brings his expertise to the firm in initiating files in the data room, coordinating with legal and accounting experts and negotiating SPAs (Share Purchase Agreements).

Alicia WOLF

Real Estate Agent

A partner of Cofim, Alicia is an I.P.I. registered real estate agent under the number 513.854.

Passionate about horse riding since her youth, Alicia naturally specialised in equestrian real estate.

She then joined the firm's team as a reinforcement but also in the development of residential real estate with character.

Alicia has become one of the privileged contacts in the Cofim Equestrian Real Estate & Cofim Real Estate departments for Walloon Brabant.


Intermediary transfer company

Fabian has been a Cofim partner for many years and is a registered I.P.I estate agent under no. 507.545.

Fabian has extensive experience of selling businesses, goodwill and commercial property in the following sectors: multi-residential, hotels, retail, office, industrial and logistics.

He also specialises in management and leasing of all types, and qualifies new projects before they are reviewed by Cofim's finance team.

Fabian has therefore become one of the key contacts in charge of the Cofim Business & Real Estate department for the Brussels region and Walloon Brabant.



Partner of Cofim, Olivier is an insurance/credit broker and an I.P.I. approved real estate agent under the n° 513.316.

Olivier specialises in the sale of business real estate and the handing over of business assets.

He therefore naturally joined the firm to strengthen the team in valuations and sales of businesses and companies.

Olivier thus becomes one of the privileged contacts in charge of the Cofim Business & Real Estate department for the Province of Liege.

Thomas DE BIE

Real Estate Agent

A partner of Cofim, Thomas is a registered I.P.I. estate agent under no. 516.975.

Thomas comes from a family where construction and real estate are at the heart of debates.

After working as a professional sportsman, this son of the construction industry naturally turned to property brokerage.

Challenge, Organisation, Method, Rigour and Communication are his watchwords.

Thomas has therefore become one of the privileged contacts in the Cofim departments for Hainaut.

Jean-Luc MURI

Intermediary transfer company

A Cofim partner, Jean-Luc is an engineer by training and an I.P.I. registered property adviser under no. 517.671.

During his career, he has held advisory, management and executive positions in Belgium and abroad in consultancy firms, software publishers and technology start-ups. Alongside his involvement with our firm, he remains involved in the management of companies operating internationally in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Jean-Luc carries out asset valuations as part of sales and acquisitions, and develops commercial and financial management advice to assist sellers and buyers in structuring and negotiating financing in the broadest sense.

Jean-Luc has therefore become one of the privileged contacts in charge of the Cofim Business Real Estate department for our international clientele and for our business transfer files.

Jean-Louis WILKIN

Intermediary transfer company

A partner of Cofim, Jean-Louis has worked at S.P.F. Finances, has his own fiduciary and regularly participates in interim C.F.O. assignments.

Jean-Louis is specialised in financial and accounting analysis, the preparation of financial plans and the valuation of companies. He coordinates with the professionals of the councillors and the transferees.


Real estate advisor

Xavier is a partner of Cofim, an insurance/credit broker and an I.P.I. certified real estate advisor under the number 517.212.

A born entrepreneur, Xavier specialises in the sale of commercial and character properties.

He joined the firm's team in order to bring his experience to the transactions.

Xavier thus became one of the privileged contacts in charge of the Cofim Business Real Estate department for the Province of Liège.

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