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PFC029: Wholesale Artificial Flowers (Brussels)


The main activity of this company is the creation and sale of funeral product connotation (bouquets, wreaths, ...) using artificial flowers. The sale includes the operating equipment such as truck and van. This is a company with a solid foundation revitalize. Growth opportunities are undeniable.



Region: Brussels

Province: Brussels

Legal Structure:

Operating company

Commercial structure:

Operating company

Building structure:

The goodwill is subject to a commercial lease which took over Feb. 1, 2005 and ending as of right January 31, 2014.

The sale will be subject to the suspensive conditions of renewal, transfer or conclusion of a new commercial lease.

The monthly rent is approximately € 2,250.00.

The area is more or less 160 sqm, understood in the office, workshop, warehouse and two parking spaces.


The staff consists of three full-time workers.

The real need, in addition to the manager, would be two full-time workers with a fit to drive the truck.

A couple with a reinforcement is also possible.


Turnover 07: ... € 000.00

06 Turnover: € 189,000.00

05 Turnover: € 168,000.00

Miscellaneous information:

Years of creation: 1989

Because of the discount Pension


Disposal of goodwill


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