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PFC030: Container rental (Liège)


The activity is defined as the container rental for businesses and individuals.

Rentals are carried out by the day or several days depending on demand.

The clientele is spread over the whole of the Province of Liege.



Region: Cork

Province: Liège

Legal Structure:

The operation is carried out under the guise of a company, which owns the franchise, subject to the transfer.

Commercial structure:

Only the goodwill is subject to an assignment.

Said goodwill includes all operating equipment which is defined broadly as:

- Trucks;

- Various containers of 8-30 m³;

- Shovels;

- Bulldozer;

- ...

The equipment is in perfect working condition and is being recent party.

Building structure:

The activity requires a field.

Said land is subject to a lease.

Operating permit remains valid and in good standing.


There are currently no staff currently employed.

The business is managed by the shareholders of the company.


Turnover 07: ... € 000.00

Turnover 06: ... € 000.00

Turnover 05: ... € 000.00

Miscellaneous information:

Cause of delivery: Family


Disposal of goodwill


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