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Sandwich - Catering - Tea Room (Aywaille)

This entity provides a catering business, upscale sandwich and tea room.

The location is ideal at the crossroads of a tourist hub that attracts many prospects and potential undeniable activity in addition to the attendance area is positioned as an ideal point.

The capacity is close to fifteen seats with potential extension to a terrace ten seats.

The operating equipment is in very good condition.

This entity can be managed by an operator and helping to meet the customer demand.

This charge relates to the goodwill as the operator reoriented his career in another industry and another region.

Legal Structure:

Operating s.p.r.l.

Building structure:

The s.p.r.l. holds a commercial lease.

A new commercial lease will be negotiated with the landlord.


Turnover 09: + / - € 150,000.00

Profitability is growing ...


There are no personnel.

Miscellaneous information:

Years of creation: 2004


Disposal of goodwill


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