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You would like

to purchase discreetly ?

Cofim's activity extends to various sectors and covers the totality of the Belgian territory and neighbouring countries, while having at our service decisive interpersonal skills.

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You would like

to sell discreetly ?

You would like to get a free assessment within 48 hours ? Our teams of experts are at your disposal.

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We work for buyers who :

Research Off Market products of exceptional quality

Want discreet transactions

Understand that at this level, transactions are sometimes long and often delicate

We listen to the specific demands of our buying clients and we activate our network to satisfy their wishes.

We communicate to the buyers the main informations about exceptional goods in compliance with their research and that are likely to interest them in accordance with the required specificities. We organise the meeting between the seller and the buyer after the exchange of the contractual documents.


We willingly work with sellers who :

Seek discreet transactions

Don't want, for whatever reason, to see their goods appear in advertisements, whether it be in prestigious magazines or on the internet

Understand that the transactions can be sometimes long and often delicate

We then contact the potential buyers who could be of interest.

After a careful verification of the buyer's real intentions and of his/her financial comfort, we communicate to the seller any offer made by a serious acquirer within our office.


In order to enable our agency to reach the best results and to avoid any misunderstanding during the transactions, we follow a precise protocol from which we never depart.

Depending on whether you are a seller or a buyer, the procedures are slightly different, but in both cases, they always start by the signature and the creation of a contract (sales or research contract).

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