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These fees

include the duties related to the undertaking of the new dossier:

  • The preliminary contacts, including all travel to the site in question ;
  • Assessment by examining the necessary and useful elements like the accounting, the tax documents, the invoice registers, the contracts, the procedures,... (the list being non exhaustive) ;
  • Recommendations in order to optimise the transfer ;
  • Preparation, writing and submission of a presentation file.

Fees are set according to the method below

and according to the provision that appears below the table, that is, according to percentages on a downward sliding scale based on specified asset value ranges with a stipulated minimum fee :

Business and goodwill transfers :

Value of assets Percentage Minimum
From 0 to 100.000,00 € 12% 5.000,00 €
From 100.001,00 € to 500.000,00 € 8% 15.000,00 €
Above de 500.001,00 € 4% 30.000,00 €

Real estate sales :

Fees are contractually agreed upon in the amount of 3% of the sale price

All prices mentioned as they relate to fees are understood to be exclusive of VAT and, as such, are subject to a VAT surcharge of 21%.

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